Top Pics of the Month for April 2021

Once again, the Photobug Community has delivered fresh, artistic images throughout the month of April. Below we gathered some of our favorite top pics of the month, each with their own individual style, perspective, and composition. 

Without prompting, these talented photographers shared images showcasing a unique use of light. These light sources range from lanterns at night, to soft indoor lamps, to the setting sun at dusk. There’s no element of a photograph quite as impactful as light. We hope you enjoy and feel the warmth as you scroll through these beautifully luminous top pics for the month of April.

couple playing with hands

gif by Foggy Stories

intimate couple embracing

photo by Terragraph

flowers falling around just married couple

photo by Vlasta Weddings

black and white outdoor wedding

photo by Vlasta Weddings

couple in alley way talking

gif by Foggy Stories

lounging married couple among guest chairs

photo by Simple Weddings

Brazilian couple editorial top pic of April

photo by Tulio Coutto

black and white elegant Indian bride

photo by Oragraphy

modern stylish wedding top pic

photo by Alex Mabrey

couple in rocky terrain surrounded by candles

photo by Pticica Weddings

A huge thank you to every photographer in our Photobug Community who shared their work this month. Without your courage to share your personal work, we would be left with very little to learn, grow, and challenge ourselves with. 

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