Top Pics of the Month for February 2021

mom and children editorial portrait

In sharp contrast to last month’s roundup, February’s top pics are bringing a sense of warmth and wanderlust to the Photobug Community. But beyond the sunshine, two of the photos below contain incredible backstories that are worth the share. Keep scrolling to see the Top Pics of February 2021 images and their stories listed below.

This image was a part of a photo shoot that doubled as both a dream wedding and celebration of self love. A badass 53-year-old woman is the star of the show and the full shoot features all of the elements the bride imagined for her perfect wedding day—sans a partner. In a month obsessed with love, it’s a testament to singles everywhere that a memorable celebration isn’t reserved for just couples.

This image tells the story of a Canadian-American couple who chose a unique and unconventional location for their wedding. Because COVID19 had closed the border between the two countries, they found a touching and creative way to include both of their families in the momentous occasion. With one family in the US and the other in Canada, the couple completed their vows along the barbed wire fence that separates the two. Even through a global pandemic, this clever ceremony is a great reminder that love always finds a way!

cultural wedding water reflection

photo by Koncomoto

Bride-to-be celebrating

photo by Gosia Drozdowska

bride in dining room

photo by Damien Milan

black and white happy portrait

photo by MEO Photography

warm golden light couple

photo by Brandi Potter

black and white bride's back

photo by Patrycja Mazur

couple with giraffes

photo by Melli & Shayne

couple kissing in front of llama

photo by Silas Chau

Thorncrown Church lens flare

photo by Kylie Farmer

Indian bride intricate details

photo by Mayur Patoliya

sweet couple portrait

photo by Sarah Joy Photo

same sex couple in Northern Italy canoe

photo by Silvia Poropat

couple in front of terracotta wall

photo by Vlasta Weddings

We want to extend a big thank you to this month’s contributors for sharing these images and their special stories. Want to see your photo featured in an upcoming Top Pics post? Be sure to tag your images on Instagram with #photobugcommunity, and join us on Facebook in our Photobug Community Group.

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