Top Pics of the Month for December 2020

We are incredibly excited to share the Top Pics for December 2020 from our Photobug Community. This talented group of photographers shared with us a beautiful blend of love, landscape, and movement. What a grand way to say goodbye to what felt like one of the longest years in history.

The Photobug Community’s talent and stunning images never cease to impress us, and this month was no exception. If you are ready to see love portrayed in many different ways, then keep scrolling and get inspired by this month’s Top Pics. 

TPOM december 2020 sunset

photo by KTOFOTO

black and white smoking bride 2020

photo by KTOFOTO

bride and groom low lighting

photo by Marcijus Studio

black and white running with birds

photo by Nina & Darek

black and white sexy photo 2020

photo by Ryan Chard Smith

Sexy nude tpom 2020

photo by Ryan Chard Smith

rainy wedding portrait tpom december

photo by The MacLeans

green hill wedding portrait TPOM 2020

photo by Tree Arcade

Thank you to this month’s contributors for sharing their top pics for December 2020! If you want your photo to be featured in an upcoming Top Pics post, be sure to join our Photobug Facebook Group. You can also use #photobugcommunity on Instagram to share your favorite images with us. 

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