Move It, Move It With Our Movement Photo Challenge

COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc around the world, but it hasn’t stopped photographers from doing what they love! While you might be taking photos from client’s front porches—or through Facetime—we are excited to see the creative juices flowing in this month’s movement photo challenge.

To help each other find inspiration, we asked members of our Facebook Photobug Community to submit their favorite photo showcasing movement. We had no idea what to expect—couples dancing or a veil flowing in the breeze. Well, we were definitely blown away by everyone’s images—get it?

Take a look at this photo collection that will inspire you to get up and move! Check out this month’s favorites and don’t be shocked if it inspires you to bust a move with camera gear in tow.

photo by Monika Skolimowska

couple in subway

photo by 3B Photography

bride relaxing

photo by Pattie Fellowes

field couple movement dress

photo by The Hendrys

black and white photo wedding

photo by Kristi Boatright

cultural couple in field

photo by Oliver Rabanes

jumping couple movement photo

photo by Amy Rouyer

photo challenge movement

photo by AmorVincitOmnia

windy leaves with couple

photo by The Ramsdens

parking garage couple

photo by Sydney Aleisha

couple in mountains

photo by Marta Wojna

wedding dress breeze photo

photo by Patrycja Mazur

windy veil photo 2020

photo by Mathias Fast

jumping movement photo

photo by Mathias Fast

black and white walking photo

photo by Hennygraphy

windy movement photo

photo by Damien Milan

bride black and white running

photo by Christina Stirpe Photography

Thank you to everyone who submitted and shared their movement photos. If you’re ready to showcase your favorite photos, be sure to join the Photobug Community. We cannot wait to see your creativity in next month’s challenge! 

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