Photos of the Week: Antarctic Sunrise, Suspended Cabin, Shanghai Lightning (35 photos)

Heavy fog in India, the announcement of a Vice Presidential candidate in Delaware, protests and anger in Beirut, coronavirus precautions in a Thai kindergarten, a Latvian folk/pagan metal band in concert, a funicular in Austria, a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, derecho damage in Iowa, guests at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the return of the Mayflower II, and much more.

Sammy the seal took several tourists by surprise by hitching a ride on their stand up boards at the beach in Weymouth, England, on August 13, 2020. The seal, known by many locals as Sammy, has become a regular sight in Dorset with volunteers checking on him. The animals are usually known for being elusive, but Sammy is known to approach people on the beach and catch the occasional ride on a paddle board.

Finnbarr Webster / Getty)

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