Wedding Photography Checklist, The Essentials & Must-Have Shots [Examples & tips]

How to avoid disappointment and take the shots your clients really want!

I know you are wondering – “Do I really need a wedding photo checklist?” The answer is a unanimous yes,

We put together this helpful wedding photography checklist as a lifesafer for that big day. Hope it helps.

What is wedding photography?

Wedding photography is the photography of activities related to weddings. It incorporates a mix of genres of photography including portraits, family and group photography, documentary, boudoir, event, and close up shots.

The wedding photography trend dates back to Victorian England (circa 1885), but these days, it’s a whole new ball game. While most couples don’t know exactly what they want, they will still have high expectations. A brief and perfunctory shot list won’t cut it anymore; this generation of wedding photographers have to capture it all—without missing a beat.

According to a survey on WeddingWire, an estimated 90% of couples hire a professional photographer for their weddings. That makes photographers the most in-demand wedding vendor of them all—beating out venues (86%), hair and makeup (80%), and wedding dresses (78%).

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Wedding photography business

This is probably one of the most stressful areas of photography. If you accidentally delete a photo or lose the memory card, you are in trouble. But if you take great photos, you are a hero to the clients and are able to get referrals. Experienced wedding photographers can charge a lot for their services and make a lot of money.

As a professional wedding photographer, a substantial amount of time is spent meeting, listening, and understanding your clients’ needs and wants before the wedding day.

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Wedding photography business advice I wish I’d known as a newbie

Wedding photography is definitely one of the most stressful yet fulfilling areas to be in as a photographer. Being a wedding photographer is a dream for many to aspire to, but like all types of businesses, not everyone can make it past year one, and some don’t get off the ground running. That being said, it’s not impossible.

As a wedding photographer, your clients tend to have high expectations because it’s more than one day for them, it’s about a lifetime of memories. It is about capturing moments, emotions, and letting your client relive the day with beautiful photos. It’s about the smiling moments that your client never knew happened because they were so busy on their day, about seeing the emotions on the faces of their family and friends, and the visual story that they will treasure forever.

If you can remember this, you can make it as a wedding photographer.

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