Coronavirus: Health Care in Brazil’s River Communities (21 photos)

Brazil has reported more than 775,000 cases of the new coronavirus and has attributed more than 39,800 deaths to the disease so far, with daily death tolls continuing to climb in recent days—as many as 1,200 per day. While President Jair Bolsonaro has tried to downplay the threat, local authorities and communities are working hard to slow the spread of the virus, as well as to treat those affected. Tarso Sarraf, a photographer working for Agence France-Presse, recently traveled with health-care workers attending to the residents of small river communities and larger towns in Marajo Island, at the mouth of the Amazon River, in Brazil’s Para state.

Health-care workers from the city of Melgaco ride a boat ambulance on their way back from visiting eight families that live without electricity in a small riverside community, amid concern over the spread of the coronavirus, in the southwest of Marajo Island, Brazil, on June 9, 2020.

Tarso Sarraf / AFP / Getty)

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