Photos: The Volunteers (28 photos)

At a time when so many people are in so many kinds of need, volunteers are stepping up around the world to give—to donate their time, skills, materials, and so much more. To meet shortages, people are making masks and other personal protective equipment at home. To feed those in need, people are working at food banks and charities. To help the vulnerable, people are shopping for others and making deliveries. To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, people are making and distributing soap and sanitizers. People are donating facilities, money, food, even their own blood, to help their neighbors make it through tough times. Below, a collection of images of some of the generosity that this pandemic has inspired.

Coronavirus crisis volunteer Rhiannon Navin greets local residents arriving at a food distribution center at the WestCop community center in New Rochelle, New York, on March 18, 2020.

John Moore / Getty)

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