Bushtit lady Solstice Canyon Southern California-107 – 7 Apr 2020 – Flickr

“…bushtit’s scientific name … basically translates to “small harp-player” (Psaltriparus, from psaltria, Greek for “female harp-player,” + parus, Latin for “titmouse,” from Icelandic tittr, “anything small,” + Anglo-Saxon mase, “small bird.” Minimus, as you might guess, just means “smallest.”) The “small” in the translation is obvious. The birds’ calls are impossibly high-pitched twitters that sound completely un-harplike to me, but then again I would never have named the ring-necked duck for the faint ring around its neck when it conveniently displays a very bold white ring around its bill.

Much better is the Spanish name for the bird, “sastrecillo,” which means “a little tailor.” I’m guessing this name refers to the bird’s intricately woven nest. ”
Christina Wilsdon

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